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  • January 2023
  • Hey there. We’re experimental music lovers & makers as part of Wokule, a community experiment near Berlin ( English ).

    You can also find us on decentralized social media (Fediverse, Mastodon-compatible)

    We do frequent radio broadcasts, lake-sided concerts & have a members-only label.

    R A D I O T H A L F L U G
    live: 8th -10th december 2023
    on ICECAST
    find more infos here: wokule

    Latest releases

    Biesentales 009 – Comunser

    Biesentales 008 – Ways Out of Eternal Christmas

    Biesentales #007 – Bild, ohne Baum
    Recordings from IXELON are available digital and on music cassette.

    Biesentales #006 – Combat for Tiger Chicken
    Contact Field Orchestra & Air Cushion Finish aka ACFO
    available digital and on C40 music cassette.

    More music…